The Open Source CFD code dolfyn is an initiative in Noord-Brabant, a Dutch province in the south of the Netherlands, particularly in the region around Eindhoven. The goal of dolfyn is to promote, introduce and teach the use of modern numerical simulation techniques in general and the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in particular.

Heat and flow

Heat and mass transfer, transport phenomena, and fluid dynamics play an important role in various products, machines and in our daily life.

Examples are:

Basic needs

In order to be able to teach and draw young polytechnical and academic students, graduated engineers, and new enthusiasts towards the wonderful world of Computational Fluid Dynamics a couple of issues have to be kept in mind:

FerzigerPeric Dolfyn is based on the ideas, algorithms, and procedures presented in the book by J.H. Ferziger & M. Peric "Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics" (Springer). This book is also acts as Theoretical Manual.


Dolfyn is aimed towards the fulfilment of the above mentioned basic needs and to supply all necessary ingredients.

More specific:

Some uses and users

Dolfyn is used as the underlying CFD engine in other codes


or for benchmarking

nist fipy

and at universities

tud    unsw    mcgill   

Enjoy the dolfyn site!


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