About Dolfyn

Ideas about dolfyn date back to 2001. To enable the start of the development a Dutch foundation was established by a couple of companies and institutions in the region of Zuidoost Brabant (in the south of the Netherlands). Version 0.3 was released in 2005 thanks to the foundation Stichting Dolfyn and the Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij / Innovative Actions Brabant. The foundation was lead by Peet Franken, Franken Consultancy, Helmond.

De source code of dolfyn is written and owned by (except were noted otherwise) Cyclone Fluid Dynamics BV te Waalre:

       Cyclone Fluid Dynamics BV
       Sweelincklaan 4
       NL-5583 XM Waalre
       tel.: (040) 22 30 491
       e-mail: info (apenstaartje) cyclone.nl

The development of dolfyn continued after 2005 with scalars, particles and many other features. Dolfyn was choosen to be the solver for the Comflow package, and it was used by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a benchmark for their development called FiPy. Moreover was dolfyn included in the 'CAE linux' distribution. To enhance the coopereration of industry and academic world the GPL licence was changed in 2007 into the Apache License, 2.0.

In 2008 the basics of the code was proved to be bug free. In the second half of 2008 the robustness of dolfyn was improved drastically and the first promotion was celebrated in december at the TU Delft: Boukes Thesis
Development of a generic engineering model for packed bed reactors using Computational Fluid Dynamics
by dr.ir. Bouke Tuinstra

During the past years dolfyn was made possible and has been supported by:


Cyclone www.dolfyn.net