The Open Source CFD code dolfyn is accompanied by a preprocessor.

The preprocessor writes a geometry file in a format suitable for dolfyn. The input is a set of three files which describe the cells, vertices en the boundaries. Dolfyn reads the geometry file and a separate input file. In this input file the user sets numerical and model data, boundary conditions etc. The input file can be edited with any simple editor.

The packed sources for both codes (status april 2009):

or the latest development version (status may 2010) on launchpad/dolfyn-cfd:

The syntax of the input file is described in (status april 2010, also available on launchpad/dolfyn-doc):

The file is in Portable Document Format (pdf). You can save it and open it with Adobe's Acrobat Reader, or for example with Ghostview.

Both codes can be compiled with any modern Fortran95 compiler. Be aware that the current Fortran77 subroutines have to be compiled with the same compiler. The codes were successfully tested with a Digital/Compaq Fortran compiler under Alpha/Tru64, the Intel Fortran Compiler(s) (ifc and ifort), the Absoft compiler under Linux, and the Microsoft Fortran compiler under Windows. The G95 compiler has also been succesfuly used (under Linux and Cygwin/Windows).

Dolfyn writes out files for OpenDX , the former IBM postprocessor (the figures in the examples were made with OpenDX). This postprocessor is available for a variety of platforms (Unices, Linux, BSD, OS/X en Windows). Another popular file format is VTK, suitable for postprocessors like VisIt. And you will need a standard ascii editor like NEdit .

Test files for some examples are (status sept. 2004):

Warning! You need to know what to do. The codes and files are 'as is'. The software and files are there to give you an impression only without any guarantee whatsoever. Accompanying documentation is (still) unavailable.

Everything here is still under heavy development. Updates and changes are not ruled out; in matter of fact, expected.